When Do I Need a Furnace Tune-Up?

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“When Do I need a Furnace Tune-up?”

By: Jim Comber – Expert HVAC Technician, HVAC Manager at Dream Team Home Services

Q: When do I need a furnace tune up? A: You need an annual furnace tune up

This is an overlooked piece of home maintenance. On the other hand, there’s a reason HVAC companies who push fall tune-ups every year. We’re strong believers in getting a tune-up every year. Why? Because we have seen what happens when homeowners don’t get an annual tune-up.

As we approach the colder months, now is the best time to guarantee your furnace is ready to provide you maximum comfort all winter long.

What is Furnace Maintenance?

Fall maintenance is a checkup a qualified HVAC technician completes to clean, inspect, test, and prep your furnace for the winter.

A tune-up may differ from company to company, depending on the level of expertise.

What’s Included in a Furnace Tune-Up?


Furnace maintenance has many purposes:

  • Make certain the furnace is operating efficiently
  • Improve the overall performance for better indoor comfort
  • Enhance the safety of the system & minimize risks to air quality
  • Identify minor issues to help avoid furnace breakdowns

An annual furnace tune-up covers the essential maintenance care your heating system needs.

Tune-Up Checklist:

  • Lubricate motor bearings & other moving parts
  • Check & adjust fan belt tension
  • Voltage & current checks
  • Tighten all electrical connections
  • Inspect heat exchanger
  • Test exhaust system
  • Inspect & clean burner
  • Verify & adjust gas pressure
  • Test ignition system
  • Test & verify system controls
  • Inspect & clear condensate drain
  • Clean interior & exterior of the furnace
  • Change air filter
  • Test carbon monoxide levels
  • Inspect & calibrate the thermostat

Benefits of a Furnace Tune-Up

  • Ensures your system is in good working order
  • Prevents the chance of future breakdowns
  • Helps improve your home’s energy efficiency
  • Maintains your furnace’s warranty

As a rule, it’s best to have your furnace professionally tuned up during the fall season. Tune-ups will help avoid suffering a significant breakdown in the middle of the winter.

Are Furnace Tune-Ups Necessary?


Fall tune-ups are essential to the overall health and safety of your home’s furnace. Scheduling this may seem like a hassle or an inconvenience, such as getting an oil change on your car. However, planning a furnace tune-up is not a yearly maintenance task you should skip out on.


Written By: Jim Comber – Expert HVAC Technician, HVAC Manager at Dream Team Home Services

Author: Jim Comber