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Reasons Why Your Heater is Not Working

why is my heater not working

Reasons Why Your Heater is not Working:

The reason why your heater is not working is more than likely because it is in need of a tune-up, which needs to be done at least once a year. Tune-ups are a necessary part of ensuring your heating system’s functionality throughout the year.


Common Heater Problems:

  • Strange noises: We’ll tighten screws, monitor ignition systems, and tackle any problems causing tickling, rattling, and clanking noises coming from your heater.
  • Inconsistent temperatures from room to room: An inefficient heater can’t keep up with your household needs. We’ll take a look and make a repair or, if necessary, install a replacement.
  • Sudden stops and starts: if your system overheats, it will shut down to cool off before producing enough heat for your home. We can fix that!
  • Unusual amounts of dust: A good cleaning and inspection can prevent your heater from pumping dust and dirt around your home.

What Does a Tune-Up Involve?

The technician will inspect your heater and fix anything they can do immediately. If your system needs extensive service or replacement, that would be taken care of the following day. The technician will check for:

Author: Ryan Corbett – Expert Plumber, Founder of Antrim Plumbing, & Co-Owner of Dream Team Home Services

About The Author: 

Ryan Corbett, co-owner of Dream Team Home Services, has been serving Delaware Valley homeowners for over 20 years with expert plumbing services. After emigrating from County Antrim, in Northern Ireland in the early 2000s, Ryan got his start as a plumber apprentice in the city of Philadelphia. Over the years, Ryan went on to become a master plumber and eventually started his own plumbing, Antrim Plumbing, based in Havertown, PA. His expertise in the field and understanding of the local community helped him guide a start-up plumbing company to a household name in Havertown. Now, Ryan has partnered with one of his best friends in the area to create Dream Team Home Services, Inc. Dream Team is about being the ultimate home services team for any homeowner with a reputation for trusted service.

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