Say Goodbye to Clogged & Blocked Drains

Chances are you’ve searched, “How to unclog my drain,” or something along those lines. But, what happens when those DIY drain clean tips don’t cut it?

A drainage backup at your property can render your plumbing system useless. If you're experiencing a backup, don’t wait to fix it—call Dream Team Plumbing to get your drain cleaned and cleared today!

Whether you have a clogged sewer, bathroom drain, kitchen drain, or another location such as a utility sink, Dream Team Plumbing is the local drain cleaning company for clogged drains.

Quality service, prompt technicians, and same-day solutions are all part of our guarantee.


Drain Cleaning Services in the Delaware Valley

Do you have a drain problem in your kitchen or bathroom? Routine and emergency drain cleaning services are necessary to keep your home free of issues like these.

  • Frequent clogs: While an occasional sink or toilet clog is typical, frequent clogs are usually signs of significant blockage that could cause pipe leaks or waste backup.
  • Waste backups: A plumbing backup can cause wastewater to fill nearby sinks or bathtubs. Backup results from untreated blockages. Plumbing lines might also get overwhelmed by waste, rainfall, or foreign infiltrators, like tree roots.
  • Unpleasant odor: Nasty smells coming from your drains are a good indication that there is some blockage or buildup gathering. The aroma can linger, and the best way to get rid of it is by identifying and fixing the problem.
  • Slow draining: If you've ever taken a shower or washed your hands, only to find the sink or bathtub still full of water when you've finished, you have slow drainage. Not only is slow drainage frustrating, but it's also a sign of a more severe concern in your plumbing lines. While commercial drain cleaners may alleviate clogs to some extent, they cannot identify critical areas with your plumbing and may irritate existing problems.
  • Inconsistent pressure: As buildup starts to fill your plumbing system, water may have difficulty navigating pipes when you shower, flush, or use the sink. This problem leads to uneven water pressure.
  • Flies and pests: Some household pests, like flies, love wet drains — especially those with clogs or that emit a strong odor. Once they get inside your home, they may require professional assistance to eradicate.

Read on to learn more about common plumbing concerns in the kitchen and bathroom and how Dream Team Plumbing drain cleaning service can keep your drains clean and functional.

Drain Cleaning Services for Emergency and Routine Maintenance

At-home drain cleaners and DIY fixes may temporarily alleviate a problem, but they will not solve drain concerns at the source. Some treatments or tools could even worsen the issue, resulting in expensive damages and more complicated repairs. If left unmanaged, drain blockage or backup could also lead to unsanitary conditions in your home.

When your drain needs cleaning, the best plan of action is to schedule an appointment with a professional drain line cleaning service like Dream Team.

Dependable Drain Cleaning

Regular sink drain cleaning is an essential part of home maintenance. Without it, you may experience clogs, backups, and costly water damage.

Kitchen Sink Drain Cleaning

Your kitchen sink sees a lot of debris and grime during the week — dish soap, grease, cooking oil, and food debris make their way through your plumbing, sometimes hardening on the pipes or building up until you can no longer drain your sink. In some cases, your sink might start refilling with dirty water, which leads to unpleasant odors and renders your sink unusable.

Because hardened grease and large food deposits are challenging to remove, a professional plumber uses tools that can cut through the blockage to clear your plumbing.

Bathroom Sink Drain Cleaning

Bathroom sink drains handle a regular influx of hand soap, dirt, toothpaste, hair, hand lotions, foreign objects, and other products that occasionally harden on your pipes or cause buildup, backup, and slow draining.

Toilet clogs are another common bathroom concern. These happen when people flush foreign items like wipes, hygiene products, or toys, and eventually, tree roots begin to invade your plumbing system. Too much toilet paper at once can also overwhelm your plumbing lines. Professionals have the tools and training necessary to diagnose and repair these issues, which could worsen if you ignore the problem or attempt to fix it with a DIY solution.

Bathtub Drain Cleaning

It's easy to forget about your bathtub drain — until the day the water starts draining slowly or not at all. Over time, human and pet hair, soap, and shampoo build up in your drain pipes, sometimes causing clogs, backup, and drainage difficulties. Once a problem like this arises, you may find yourself without a bathtub until a professional arrives to help.

Bathtub drain cleaning is a complex process and nearly impossible to troubleshoot or fix on your own. It requires the help of a trained professional with proper tools specially designed for bathtub plumbing systems.


Tips for Keeping Kitchen and Bathroom Sinks Clean

Keep your drain clean and performing well with these helpful tips.

  • Be careful what you discard: Never flush or attempt to wash anything harmful down your sink, toilet, or bathtub drain. In your kitchen, this means using the garbage disposal correctly or scraping food and grease into the garbage, instead of directly down your sink. In the bathroom, only flush toilet paper and human waste down the toilet, and be mindful of the products you use in your sink and bathtub. If you wash your pet in your bathtub or sink, invest in a hair catcher to minimize buildup. Never pour harsh chemicals down your drain.
  • Pay attention to warning signs: If you notice any red flags like a foul smell, slow draining, or inconsistent water pressure, don't ignore them. Seek professional assistance before conditions worsen.
  • Keep sinks and tubs clean: Keep your bathroom sinks, kitchen sinks, and bathtubs clean by regularly washing away grime and flushing your drains with hot, clean water. Keep water running when using garbage disposals to help flush the food down the plumbing.
  • Schedule regular drain servicing: Routine drain cleaning appointments with a professional are the best way to stay on top of drain health and keep everything working efficiently.

Drain Cleaning Benefits

Your home deserves a plumbing system that runs efficiently and freely, without any blockage in the lines. With our drain cleaning service, you can count on us to take care of those pesky “traffic jams” in your plumbing system.

When you call on us, we guarantee you’ll enjoy:

  • Drains that empty quickly
  • Consistent water pressure
  • Toilets that flush properly
  • No more clogs

No matter if your home has outdated cast-iron pipes or older installations common to the Greater Philadelphia area, our team of plumbers has the right tools and knowledge to get the job done right.

Find Drain Cleaning Service Near You

If you're looking for an expert drain cleaning service in Delaware County, Montgomery County, Chester County, or anywhere in the Delaware Valley, Dream Team is here to help! Our professionals drain cleaners can quickly assess the severity of your plumbing concerns and clean your drains efficiently to eliminate clogs and waste backup.


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