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    Chances are you’ve searched, “How to unclog my drain,” or something along those lines. But, what happens when those DIY drain clean tips don’t cut it?

    A drainage backup at your property can render your plumbing system useless. If you’re experiencing a backup, don’t wait to fix it—call Dream Team Home Services to get your drain cleaned and cleared today!

    Whether you have a clogged sewer, bathroom drain, kitchen drain, or another location such as a utility sink, Dream Team Home Services is the local drain cleaning company for clogged drains.

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    Drain Cleaning Services in the Delaware Valley

    Do you have a drain problem in your kitchen or bathroom? Routine and emergency drain cleaning services are necessary to keep your home free of issues like these.

    While an occasional sink or toilet clog is typical, frequent clogs are usually signs of significant blockage that could cause pipe leaks or waste backup.

    A plumbing backup can cause wastewater to fill nearby sinks or bathtubs. Backup results from untreated blockages. Plumbing lines might also get overwhelmed by waste, rainfall, or foreign infiltrators, like tree roots.

    Nasty smells coming from your drains are a good indication that there is some blockage or buildup gathering. The aroma can linger, and the best way to get rid of it is by identifying and fixing the problem.

    If you’ve ever taken a shower or washed your hands, only to find the sink or bathtub still full of water when you’ve finished, you have slow drainage. Not only is slow drainage frustrating, but it’s also a sign of a more severe concern in your plumbing lines. While commercial drain cleaners may alleviate clogs to some extent, they cannot identify critical areas with your plumbing and may irritate existing problems.

    As buildup starts to fill your plumbing system, water may have difficulty navigating pipes when you shower, flush, or use the sink. This problem leads to uneven water pressure.

    Some household pests, like flies, love wet drains — especially those with clogs or that emit a strong odor. Once they get inside your home, they may require professional assistance to eradicate.

    Read on to learn more about common plumbing concerns in the kitchen and bathroom and how Dream Team Home Services drain cleaning service can keep your drains clean and functional.

    Regular sink drain cleaning is an essential part of home maintenance. Without it, you may experience clogs, backups, and costly water damage.

    Your kitchen sink sees a lot of debris and grime during the week — dish soap, grease, cooking oil, and food debris make their way through your plumbing, sometimes hardening on the pipes or building up until you can no longer drain your sink. In some cases, your sink might start refilling with dirty water, which leads to unpleasant odors and renders your sink unusable.

    Because hardened grease and large food deposits are challenging to remove, a professional plumber uses tools that can cut through the blockage to clear your plumbing.

    Bathroom sink drains handle a regular influx of hand soap, dirt, toothpaste, hair, hand lotions, foreign objects, and other products that occasionally harden on your pipes or cause buildup, backup, and slow draining.

    Toilet clogs are another common bathroom concern. These happen when people flush foreign items like wipes, hygiene products, or toys, and eventually, tree roots begin to invade your plumbing system. Too much toilet paper at once can also overwhelm your plumbing lines. Professionals have the tools and training necessary to diagnose and repair these issues, which could worsen if you ignore the problem or attempt to fix it with a DIY solution.

    It’s easy to forget about your bathtub drain — until the day the water starts draining slowly or not at all. Over time, human and pet hair, soap, and shampoo build up in your drain pipes, sometimes causing clogs, backup, and drainage difficulties. Once a problem like this arises, you may find yourself without a bathtub until a professional arrives to help.

    Bathtub drain cleaning is a complex process and nearly impossible to troubleshoot or fix on your own. It requires the help of a trained professional with proper tools specially designed for bathtub plumbing systems.

    At-home drain cleaners and DIY fixes may temporarily alleviate a problem, but they will not solve drain concerns at the source. Some treatments or tools could even worsen the issue, resulting in expensive damages and more complicated repairs. If left unmanaged, drain blockage or backup could also lead to unsanitary conditions in your home.

    When your drain needs cleaning, the best plan of action is to schedule an appointment with a professional drain line cleaning service like Dream Team Home Services.

    What to Expect During Drain Cleaning Service

    Emergency repair may be necessary to fix any current drainage issues you have. Scheduling routine maintenance can help prevent these issues from coming back, promoting healthier drains that will perform better over the long term. Using a professional drain cleaning service is the first step to tackling your drainage and plumbing concerns and getting your plumbing system back on track.

    Let’s take a look at what you can expect during a drain cleaning service.

    Drain cleaning
    Initial Phone Call or Contact Form

    The first step is calling a local professional drain cleaning service that you trust to help you fix your problem. A representative can help you determine what services you need for your plumbing concerns when you call them. You can also fill out a contact form to describe your drainage issue.

    Prepare to answer a few questions to ensure the professionals understand the problem you are having. You can also ask any questions you may have to further understand the process. Ask about costs, timing or the procedure, for instance. You can then schedule a time and date for professionals to visit your home to fix your drain.


    A dedicated professional will then arrive at the scheduled time to look at your drain. The professional may take the time to assess your drain to determine the cause of the clog and inspect the condition of your drain and pipes. Once they know the cause of the blockage, they will take the necessary steps to remove it.

    The plumber may also prepare all of the tools they will need depending on the type of clog and lay these out in advance for easy and quick access throughout the service call.

    Checking Their Work

    It’s good practice for drain cleaning professionals to check they fixed the problem before leaving. You may see the expert plumber turn on some of the faucets and check the drains to ensure everything is working correctly. By checking their work, plumbers can ensure that your drainage issue is solved and suggest some tips for you to help prevent it from occurring again.

    If the plumber observes any other drainage or plumbing issues, they can help guide you with the steps you can take to fix them and help prevent any additional problems from occurring.

    What Happens During a Drain Cleaning Service Call

    Contrary to popular belief, professional plumbers won’t just pour chemicals down your drain and call it a day. Often, these chemicals can cause more harm than good and could damage your pipes. Professionals will use specialized tools to assess your drain to determine the cause of the blockage and use the necessary tools and techniques to remove it.

    Let’s take a look at what happens during a professional drain cleaning service call.

    Asses the Drain

    One of the first steps a drain cleaning team will take is to inspect your drain and the condition of your pipes to find out the reason for your blockage. In some cases, this step might include a video inspection to take a closer look at the drain. Plumbers can do this inspection using a tiny camera attached to fiber optic cables to find the blockage and determine what it is.

    Once the professional plumber knows the reason and location of the blockage, they can take the necessary steps to remove it and get your drain running back to normal.

    Drain cleaning

    Perform Professional Solutions

    Depending on the type of blockage, the plumber might utilize a few different techniques to remove the clog. Your plumber may discuss your options for moving forward with any repairs or projects. Professionals should aim to remove any blockages and address all of your drainage concerns on the same day.

    Sometimes, a device called a motorized drain auger, also known as a drain snake, may be used to remove the clog. A drain snake uses long, flexible cables with an attachment on the end that can be inserted into your drain to break up blockages. They are handy for some of the most common types of clogs caused by hair, food and few other culprits.

    Drain cleaning

    If you have a more stubborn drainage issue, a professional plumber may use a hydro-jetter to blast high-pressure water down the drain to clear out any obstructions. Depending on the condition of your pipes, the plumber may advise professional pipe repair to fix any damages to eliminate leaks and restore pipe integrity. Professional plumbers may also suggest a few simple steps you can take to help prevent future clogs from occurring.

    Schedule Routine Drain Cleaning

    The best way to keep your plumbing system in tip-top shape is to set up regular drain cleaning services with a professional. During your service call, the drain cleaning team can advise you on how best to approach setting up routine drain cleaning to protect your home and help you save money.

    Routine cleaning services can promote the longevity of your pipes and drains, which can lower your need for plumbing repairs. Professional plumbers will be able to identify any potential blockages or damage to pipes before they occur, resulting in savings and peace of mind for you and your family.

    How to Prepare for a Drain Cleaning Call

    While the drain cleaning process is usually straightforward, there are a few things you can do to make the service call a little easier for your family and the drain cleaning team.

    Remove Any Clutter

    If the area around your blocked drain is a little cluttered, the plumber may have a difficult time reaching and accessing the drain. They may need to spend some time clearing a path instead of getting straight to work.

    If you would like to simplify this process and make the service go a little quicker, spend some time beforehand clearing the area around the drain for easy access. Clear anything under your sink in cabinets or items around the drain, such as soap or flowers. Move them to another room to avoid cluttering the bathroom or kitchen.

    Make Note of Your Drain Issues

    Take the time before the plumber arrives to make a physical or mental note of any drainage issues you are currently experiencing. You can also go through your home, check your other drains and see if you notice any irregularities.

    When the professional plumber arrives, you can then give them a detailed account of which drains are experiencing issues so they can directly assess those drains straight away.

    Why You Should Always Use Professional Drain Cleaning Services

    Often, DIY fixes can do more harm than good. Unless you are a plumbing professional, you might not fully understand the ins and outs of drains and pipes or the best techniques for tackling blockages. Trying to fix the problem yourself could lead to more expensive repairs in the long run and isn’t always safe. Here are some of the top reasons you should contact a professional for drain cleaning services:

    While it may be cheaper in the short term, using store-bought chemicals can chip away at the pipes themselves, and improper use could cause harm to you or other members of your family. The damage these chemicals cause can lead you to replace your pipes years sooner than you usually would, costing you more money on fixes and repairs you wouldn’t otherwise need.

    Trained, expert plumbers to know how to tackle any drainage issue you may have. Professionals can use specialized tools to determine the cause of your blockage and use the correct techniques to remove it while still maintaining the integrity of your pipes.

    A professional can also inform you of any other damage or potential clogs, helping you prevent them before they occur.

    Licensed and insured plumbers can help identify any damages or worsening conditions of your pipes before they cause any issues. Regular maintenance will prevent you from spending money on future repairs by tackling the issue before it occurs.
    Using a professional drain cleaning team can ensure your plumbing system is up to scratch, improving its integrity and the condition of your home for the long term.

    Tips for Keeping Kitchen and Bathroom Sinks Clean

    Keep your drain clean and performing well with these helpful tips.

    Never flush or attempt to wash anything harmful down your sink, toilet, or bathtub drain. In your kitchen, this means using the garbage disposal correctly or scraping food and grease into the garbage, instead of directly down your sink. In the bathroom, only flush toilet paper and human waste down the toilet, and be mindful of the products you use in your sink and bathtub. If you wash your pet in your bathtub or sink, invest in a hair catcher to minimize buildup. Never pour harsh chemicals down your drain.

    If you notice any red flags like a foul smell, slow draining, or inconsistent water pressure, don’t ignore them. Seek professional assistance before conditions worsen.

    Keep your bathroom sinks, kitchen sinks, and bathtubs clean by regularly washing away grime and flushing your drains with hot, clean water. Keep water running when using garbage disposals to help flush the food down the plumbing.
    Schedule regular drain servicing: Routine drain cleaning appointments with a professional are the best way to stay on top of drain health and keep everything working efficiently.

    Drain Cleaning Benefits

    Your home deserves a plumbing system that runs efficiently and freely, without any blockage in the lines. With our drain cleaning service, you can count on us to take care of those pesky “traffic jams” in your plumbing system.

    When you call on us, we guarantee you’ll enjoy:
    • Drains that empty quickly
    • Consistent water pressure
    • Toilets that flush properly
    • No more clogs

    No matter if your home has outdated cast-iron pipes or older installations common to the Greater Philadelphia area, our team of plumbers has the right tools and knowledge to get the job done right.

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    Schedule a Drain Cleaning Call With Dream Team Home Services

    At Dream Team Home Services, we understand that a drain cleaning professional coming to your home needs to be someone you can trust. That’s why all our friendly professionals are fully licensed and trained to deal with your drainage concerns. We know what tools and materials are necessary to find a solution, and we can help you take steps to prevent it from happing again.

    Regular drainage cleaning and maintenance can help ensure your plumbing system is the best it can be. Contact Dream Team Home Services today to schedule your drain cleaning services with a professional you can trust.