Electrical repair and installation services requires the experts at Dream Team Electric

Electrical services require specialized knowledge that only a licensed electrician can offer. Dream Team Electric has over 20 years of experience in the electrical field. Our electricians provide both repair and installation services to customers in Media, Havertown, and all of the Delaware Valley.

Whether you need a simple electrical installation such as a new light fixture or ceiling fan, or a repair of flickering lights, Dream Team Electric can handle it fast. Our team will even troubleshooting dysfunctional electrical circuits.

We also offer whole-house electrical safety inspections. These inspections by our knowledgeable electricians will inform you about any potential safety concerns.

electrical repair and installation


Electric repair services offered by electricians at Dream Team are designed to be fast, affordable solutions for our customers. Our team also keeps you and your home's safety in mind when providing electric solutions.

Our experienced electricians are able to evaluate your electrical problem and determine the best course of action before beginning work.

Customers rely on our on-call electricians for the following situations:

  • Power loss at your property
  • Fuses that constantly trip
  • Outlets making humming noises during use
  • Damaged electrical boxes

Our Repair Services Include

  • Code violation repairs
  • Rewiring
  • Location of cable faults
  • General troubleshooting
  • Emergency repairs


Proper installation for electric wiring is an essential component of maintaining the safety of your home or business. Customers choose Dream Team Electric for on-time, professional electrical installation.

Sloppy installation causes a hazard while decreasing efficiency. Licensed electricians at Dream Team are able to minimize safety issues while improving efficiency.

Delicate parts of electrical systems can be damaged when installed by someone who is not not qualified. Be sure you keep that in mind if you're thinking about hiring "Joe Schmo".

Furthermore, our electricians make labeling a priority throughout the installation process. Homeowners and property managers who encounter issues in the future will have no trouble finding the appropriate wires or switches when these components are labeled correctly.

All Dream Team electricians are background checked and drug tested. We offer on time appointments with professional work that is backed by 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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