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    Sometimes called breaker boards, circuit boxes or breaker boxes, electrical boxes are crucial to supplying power to your home. They’re typically a steel box you can find in your home’s basement or garage. Electrical panels hold your home’s circuit breakers, making them responsible for protecting the flow of electricity to every area of your home. By keeping these panels in good repair, you can ensure your home always has the power you need.

    If you want to know how to maintain your home’s electricity, learn more about electrical panel services, such as electrical panel repairs, replacements and installation.

    Electrical Panel Repairs

    Damaged and aging electrical panels can become ineffective, leading to power outages and even potential safety hazards. Instead of risking power outages and electrical dangers by continuing to use a defective circuit breaker or electrical panel, you’ll want to repair defective components as fast as possible.

    A common cause of electrical panel damage is older electrical systems that aren’t designed to provide enough power to modern appliances, equipment and electronics. Additionally, fraying wires, lighting strikes and water damage can cause issues in your electrical panels, necessitating repairs.

    • Circuit breakers not resetting
    • Circuit breakers repeatedly tripping
    • Circuit breaks emitting noticeable heat
    • Melted or frayed electrical panel wires
    • Popping or sizzling noises originating from an electrical panel
    • Burning smells or smoke coming from the electrical panels

    Electrical panel repair services involve a specialist inspecting your electrical panel and diagnosing any problems they see while examining it. After determining the issue’s source, an electrical panel specialist will take whatever action required to get it working again, such as performing breaker panel repair or rewiring electrical panels.

    Electrical Panel Replacements

    New Electrical panel or breaker boxSometimes, a repair is insufficient for an electrical panel. When an electrical panel is too old to handle the amount of power your home needs or is so damaged it’s beyond repair, you’ll likely need an electrical panel replacement. Additionally, you might require a replacement if a manufacturer has recalled their panels or if water or flooding damaged your home. Essentially, you’ll need electrical panel replacements when a repair won’t provide the safety or power you need for your home.

    Since replacing electrical panels can be very dangerous to perform on your own due to the threat of shocks and electrocution, you’ll want to hire a professional. When you have a professional perform an electrical panel replacement, they’ll begin by inspecting your current system and providing you with information about the replacement panel you need.

    After you approve the replacement panel, they’ll remove your old panel and install an upgraded panel fitting your requirements. Once they’ve installed the new electrical panel, you should have better electrical performance in your home. Alongside greater electrical performance, your home should be much safer due to the reduced chances of fire and electrical surges.

    Common Signs You Need to Replace Your Electrical Panel

    If you’re wondering if you need to replace or repair your electrical panel, you can usually spot a few warning signs. To help you know when you might need electrical panel replacements, review some of the most common signs you need to replace your electrical panel:

    • Flickering lights when using other appliances:
      If you notice that your lights flicker whenever you use high-voltage appliances, your electrical panel likely doesn’t have enough circuits to keep up with modern energy requirements. A replacement panel can come with extra circuits to handle your home’s electrical needs better.
    • Signs of electrical fires:
      When wires wear down or burn out, they can cause electrical fires in the panel. If you see burn marks or charring or smell burning odors, you’ll need to replace your electrical panel as soon as possible.
    • Tripping circuit breakers:
      When service panels begin to wear down, they’ll be more prone to power surges. Due to these surges, your circuits are likely to disconnect, tripping the breakers. Tripped circuit breakers can also occur when your electrical requirements go beyond your panel’s current capacity. In either case, you likely need a replacement breaker panel.
    • Reliance on an old fuse box:
      If you still use an old fuse box instead of a contemporary electrical panel, you’ll likely want to upgrade to a new panel. Replacing an old fuse box with a new electrical panel can give you greater electrical safety and increase your power capacity.
    • Electrical shocks:
      If you notice tingling and electrical shocks whenever you touch your electrical panel, your panel may not have been properly installed, or the wiring may have gone bad. When electrical shocks are left unchecked, you run the risk of electrical leakage. A replacement electrical panel can reduce the risk of electrical shocks and leakage.

    Electrical Panel Installations

    Whether you’re adding a replacement panel or need a new electrical sub panel installation, you don’t want to handle the job yourself. Electrical work can be very dangerous, especially if you don’t have the experience necessary. Luckily, you can turn to companies offering electrical and breaker panel installation services to take care of the job for you.

    With electrical panel installation services in your corner, you can receive a new electrical panel fast. When you partner with a crew like ours at Dream Team Home Services, you can expect expert electricians to help you determine the right panel for your home and then install it quickly while adhering to the strictest industry standards.

    Dream Team Home Services‘ Service Area

    At Dream Team Home Services, we’re ready to help you with electrical panel installations, replacements and repairs. We cover Delaware County in Pennsylvania, providing homeowners and organizations with electrical panel services. You can find us serving the entire Delaware Valley, as well as Havertown, Newton Square and Media. Our wide service area helps us reach more people in our community and ensure they receive the best home electrical panel services possible.

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    When you turn to Dream Team Home Services, we’ll start by sending an experienced electrician to your property to conduct an electrical panel inspection and assessment. Once we’ve determined the issue and come up with the optimal solution, we’ll give you all the information you need to make the best decision based on your need for electrical or breaker panel service. We can quickly provide you with electrical panel repairs, upgrades, replacements and installations, meaning you’ll have plenty of options available to you.

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    Besides our standard electrical repair service, we can also relocate panels, install additional circuits, replace circuit breakers, replace Busbars and rewire electrical panels. If you need electrical panel repairs or other services, schedule service from Dream Team Home Services today. Please also feel free to contact us if you have any questions.