No, we don’t yet have flying cars like a certain 1960’s children’s cartoon we know of. But, we do have the next best thing – electric vehicles (EVs). With electric cars becoming more and more popular – the need for charging stations for drivers is also increasing.

    If you own an electric vehicle and you’d like the convenience offered by an EV home charging station, talk to our expert EV charger electricians. We offer a selection of the most advanced, fully-featured charging systems available, and provide professional residential electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) installation and service.
    (fun statistic – about 80% of electric car owners utilize the option to have a home charging station installed at their home. Are you next?)

    What is a Home Electric Car Charging System?

    Electric vehicles require an electric charging station. Pretty simple. Just think of your garage as your own gas station – just without the gas station burritos and mega 100 oz. sodas.

    Electric vehicle charging at home on a level 2 EV chargerAdditionally, there’s no “one-size fits all” for home car charging stations. You have a choice on which electric car charger you would like installed. There are three levels on the market of EV chargers and it’s important to choose the right one for your needs.

    A Level 3 charger is the standalone device you see at public charging stations. These can add 160 miles of driving range to an EV’s batteries in about half an hour. However, these are not available to homeowners.

    Installation of Your EV Charger Station

    Whether you just purchased an electric vehicle, or are looking to have your own “gas station” in your garage, here’s what you can expect from Dream Team Home Services:

    • Full inspection of equipment prior to installation
    • Site inspection to ensure your equipment is installed in accordance with the manufacturer specifications
    • Electrical system upgrade, including the new, dedicated 240-volt circuit to support the Level 2 charger system
    • Ease of mind knowing you have your licensed electrician from Dream Team Home Services installing your EV charging station; abiding by local, state, and national codes & regulations
    • Complete EV charging system information

    Types of EV Chargers

    The Level 1 charger comes standard with most electric vehicles. This can be plugged into any normal 3-prong grounded outlet, dedicated 120-volt circuit. This circuit should be installed by a licensed contractor, such as Dream Team Home Services.

    The charging current for a Level 1 is about the same as a standard blow dryer, so it won’t put a burden on your existing electrical service.

    Level 1 chargers require no installation, BUT it does charge vehicle batteries very slowly. These Level 1 EV chargers are best suited for overnight usage. It can take 10-20 hours or more to fully charge your car’s battery with a Level 1 EV charger.

    A Level 2 charger is a more advanced EV charging system. This charger requires its own dedicated 240-volt circuit, which will need to be professionally installed in your garage. Besides safety, the reason these should be installed by a professional, licensed electrician is that these must comply with local, state, and national codes and regulations.

    This dedicated circuit is similar to your 240-volt electric dryer circuit.

    A growing number of EV manufacturers are now including a Level 2 charger standard with each new electric car purchase. Why? Because they’re lightning-fast compared to a Level 1 charger. The typical full-charge time for a Level 2 is 4-8 hours.

    Schedule EV Charger Installation with Dream Team

    Our expert electricians have installed hundreds of EV charger installations to date. We offer a portfolio of solutions for every part of the electric vehicle infrastructure installation process.

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