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Back-Up Power When You Need It Most

When homes around you have lost power, you’ll be happy you’re still up-and-running thanks to your generator. A residential generator will start up automatically, keeping you powered on when you need it the most.

Continue using your heating system during the cold, winter months and your cooling system in the heat of the summer when emergencies or blackouts happen. The same goes for your electronics and appliances.

Unsure about the importance of a generator in your home? Ask the experts at Dream Team Electric for more information. Our electricians will walk you through what fits you and your home’s needs. There’s plenty of options to choose from - back-up, standby, whole-home generators or even portable generators. We’ll shed light on options that work for you.

For generator installation or repair in your Delaware Valley home, give your expert electricians a call at Dream Team Electric.

backup power with a generator installation from Dream Team Electric

Benefits of Installing a Back-Up Generator:

  • Provides your home automatic power when you need it
  • Keeps your family & home safe during emergencies 
  • Allows continued use of your HVAC system & electronics during blackouts
  • Prevents electrical damage, which is dangerous and costly
  • Adds significant value to the home
  • Reduces your insurance & deters possible theft

Dependable Standby Generators

Look around your home, how many things rely on power? The Internet, computers, TVs, gaming systems, refrigerators, heating and cooling systems, security systems, and so much more. Your home is always connected. Just ask Alexa or Google.

With so many objects and devices relying on electrical equipment, it’s important to have back-up power in the case of power outage or emergency. This is especially true if you or anyone in your home relies on medical equipment that uses electrical power. Not a chance worth taking.

Contact one of our professional electricians about standby generator options Dream Team can provide to you. Owning a back-up generator and keeping your home powered up is as easy as saying Dream Team Electric.

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