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Dream Team's Heating Services

Regular heating system tune-ups and maintenance can help you avoid potential breakdowns and costly repairs.


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Clunking, thumping, and pumping out colder air - there's nothing worse than a damaged or malfunctioning heater in the winter time.
When it is time for a new heater, choose our local and reliable heating services who offer top-quality heater replacements.
A healthy heat pump is essential for any home. If your pump is malfunction, schedule a heat pump service!
Make sure your furnace is ready to heat your home for the winter!

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If your furnace is performing anything less than peak capacity or efficiency, call Dream Team. We are equipped with the best technology, a full inventory or replacement parts, and extensive in-field experience.
With replacing your furnace, you will have improved energy efficiency and safety, as well as maximum home comfort!
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Heating Service in the Delaware Valley

For residents of the Philadelphia area and throughout the Delaware Valley, Dream Team provides the most reliable heating and air services.

Whether you need an effective repair, fast installation, or emergency services, our certified technicians will ensure your home heating system functions as expected when you need it most.

With offices in Havertown, Media, and Newtown Square, Dream Team is here to look out for our friends and neighbors during the colder months.

When to Schedule Heating Services

It's a fact — residential heating systems occasionally break down, and it's never at a convenient time. You fire up your heater for the first time in the winter, and you suddenly hear clicks and other strange noises. Maybe your heat even goes out completely.

There are a few signs that it's time to schedule heating service, and Dream Team is here for all of them. The most common heater issues include:

  • Unusually high energy bill: If you notice a spike in your energy bill, your heater is likely working harder than it should for the same heat output.
  • Old heating system: Heaters lose efficiency over time, so if you have an older unit, it's a good idea to schedule regular tune-ups or look into replacement. Dream Team offers competitive rates on both!
  • Excessive dust or poor air quality: A malfunctioning or clogged heater will pump dust and other contaminants into your home. If you're having trouble breathing in the house this winter, it's time to check on your heater.
  • Strange noises: Clicking, rattling, hissing or other noises coming from your heater mean there's a problem to address. Dream Team will diagnose and repair your heater's mysterious ticking noise.

Dream Team has services to fix all of these issues so your family will be warm throughout the winter. But the best way to ensure your heater functions at peak efficiency is to stop problems before they happen. Schedule regular maintenance to get ahead of issues rather than paying for surprise service.

The Benefits of Regular Heating Service

Scheduling heating services on a regular basis comes with numerous benefits for homeowners. Set up an appointment with Dream Team to benefit from:

  • Increased energy efficiency: Monitoring your home heating system will ensure that it runs at full-capacity without wasting energy. This way, your heater will have less of an environmental impact, and you'll save money on your monthly energy bill.
  • Better air quality: With regular cleaning and maintenance, your heater will pump warm air throughout your house without carrying dust, mold, mildew, and other contaminants.
  • Improved home safety: A faulty heating system can be dangerous. Prevent fires and the spread of poisonous odors with regular tune-ups and inspections.
  • Enhanced comfort: When your heater is fully functional, your family will be comfortable in your warm home, and you'll have the peace of mind that your system will last through the winter.

Our Heating Services

Our talented technicians provide many heating services to residents in the Philadelphia area. With offices in Havertown, Media, and Newtown Square, help from Dream Team is just right down the road. Count on Dream Team to keep your home's heating system up and running all winter long.

Heating Tune-Up

Your heater naturally loses efficiency over time, but regular maintenance can slow its decline and help address wear and tear.

Schedule heater tune-up with our certified professionals to improve your system's functionality and ensure it lasts for years to come. Our highly trained team will inspect your heater, diagnose any issues, and perform effective repairs when necessary, saving you lots of money and stress down the road.

Dream Team makes heater tune-up affordable for anyone — jump on our $49 heating tune-up special before the offer ends!

Heater Repair

A malfunctioning heater can cause a lot of problems for your home — and for your wallet. Dream Team fixes problems fast and for an affordable price.

From heat exchangers and blow motors to thermostats, combustion chambers, and more, our friendly service team has the knowledge and experience to fix any heater problem. If the issue is beyond repair, we'll help you find a solution to heat your home without melting away your finances.

Heater Replacement

Sometimes, a heater may be beyond repair. If your system is more than 10 years old, fails to heat your entire home, or requires frequent repairs, it may be time to consider a replacement.

Dream Team offers same-day repairs and next-day replacement. When you schedule a heater replacement appointment, Dream Team will inspect your system to see if we can provide a fix. If not, we'll be back the next day to install your new unit — we'll never leave our neighbors out in the cold!

Ductless HVAC Systems

Dream Team offers ductless HVAC systems for customers interested in an efficient heating and cooling system that's quicker to install than most conventional systems.

Comprising of an outdoor compressor/condenser and indoor evaporators, ductless systems allow you to control the temperature in individual rooms while decreasing your energy consumption and minimizing the need for invasive installation.

Why Dream Team?

As a locally owned and operated business in the Delaware Valley, we're committed to providing fast, effective services at a competitive, upfront rate. Our friendly technicians are all certified, background-tested, and drug-tested. With offices in Media and Havertown, PA, you're never far away from reliable heater services.

Dream Team offers same-day service with next-day installation as well as 24/7 emergency service, so you'll never have to worry about being stuck in the cold. For expedited service, significant discounts, service fee reductions, and more, join our VIP program for $18.99 per month or $239.99 per year.

Schedule Heating Service With Dream Team Today

For the best heating service near you, count on Dream Team every time. We'll make sure your heating unit functions at full capacity all winter long, and we provide 24/7 emergency service when you're in a jam. For affordable rates on heating services in your area, schedule an appointment with Dream Team today!



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After submitting my request on the website, I received a quick response to set up an appointment to have a few light fixtures and outlets replaced. Nick was prompt & courteous and did a great job. A completely painless experience from start to finish.

Kevin Scott

We are thrilled with the exceptional work provided by Mike from Dream Team. The job included the installation of 3 new ceiling fans, a light fixture, and a few switch upgrades. He also reviewed our panels and how to bring our fire and carbon monoxide detectors up to safety code, which was a nice bonus. We will definitely be using Dream Team for all future electrical needs. Thank you for everything!

Chris Maguire

Thorough, efficient and tidy professional service. Excellent literate explanations and answers. The kind of professional service persons you want in your home.

David Franklin

Blake spent several hours at my house today. He fixed my problem, and gave me advice on some future issues. He was nice, clean, very easy to talk to. He helped me understand some electrical things! Very good experience, would use them again in a minute!

Victoria Ganser

Mike exceeded my expectations. In addition to being very prompt and courteous, he worked efficiently and was thorough in diagnosing the problem. I have had three other electricians look at the problem without being able to determine the cause--I am well on the way to having this fixed for good now because of Mike!

Kevin Botbyl

Had a PECO power surge destroy two of our three electrical panels and who knows what else unfortunately. . The Dream Team responded to my wife’s call for assistance. And delivered then, helped her get some power back and then within two days as promised installed two new panels. A superior customer service experience. Kudos to our installer Mike V. for a spectacular install. Thank you.

Nicholas Martino

Jack F and Jack M were great. Jack M (Electrician) had a larger scope of duties on our particular service visit and did a nice job explaining any questions I had.

Christian Kacala
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