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    How Do I Know My Furnace Needs Repairs?

    When your furnace acts up, fast and effective repairs will ensure it functions at full capacity when you need it. If you let problems go unattended, minor issues can become more serious and could cost you money or risk your family’s health and safety.

    Some furnace problems are subtle and may be difficult for an untrained eye to detect, but there are a few signs that let you know it’s time to call in a repair team.

    Seek professional assistance if you experience any of these issues:

    If you notice a spike in your heating bill, your furnace may be running inefficiently. There could be various culprits, but regardless of the cause, your furnace is using too much energy to produce the heat you need. Without proper repairs, your bill will continue to be higher than necessary, and your furnace’s condition will worsen.

    An inefficient furnace may have trouble providing enough heat. If you notice that some rooms in your home are warmer than others, or if the house generally isn’t receiving enough heat, it’s time to schedule a repair. Your furnace may be damaged, clogged, or simply running on its last leg after years of use.

    It goes without saying that if your furnace isn’t producing any heat at all, or if it’s blowing out cold air instead, it’s time to call a repair team. There may be a problem with the furnace’s ignition system, drain line, or air filter. A service technician will diagnose the exact issue and provide an effective solution.

    Furnaces make odd noises when they’re in trouble, and the type of noise will help determine the problem. Clunking or thumping indicates an unbalanced blower motor or wheel. Grinding or scraping may signal the need for bearing lubrication. Clicking or hissing could result from an ignition system failure. A service team will help determine the source of the noise and make the repair.

    When your furnace turns on and off quicker than usual, it may be struggling to ignite and maintain power. Blocked vents, clogged filters, and faulty flame sensors can also cause your furnace to short-cycle. Repair teams will clean your system and check its power source to discover and fix the problem.

    Various furnace problems can result in your unit emitting odd odors that you should report immediately. Pay attention to the smell of burning electrical wiring or plastic, rotten eggs, mold, mildew, or any unfamiliar smell coming from your furnace. Your furnace could be overheating or leaking harmful chemicals like carbon monoxide into your home.

    When your furnace’s air filter is clogged, it will pump dust and debris into your home along with warm air. If you experience difficulty breathing when your heat is on, it could be a sign that your furnace needs to be cleaned. You may also notice excess dust building up around the furnace itself.

    Furnaces produce water that should exit the system through its drain line. But if the drain line is blocked, it will overflow, triggering your system’s kill switch. Your furnace will shut down, and you may see a puddle at its base. A repair team will clear the drain line, remove excess condensation, and restore power to your furnace.

    If your furnace is 15 or 20 years old, it may break down more frequently than a newer unit.

    Can I Troubleshoot Furnace Problems on My Own?

    Furnaces can be dangerous, especially when they malfunction. Safely repairing a furnace requires a lot of knowledge and skill that comes with years of training and experience, so it’s never a good idea to attempt DIY repairs. Repairing your furnace on your own could turn a small issue into something more significant that may damage your furnace beyond repair. In this case, it’s unlikely that your warranty will cover a new unit.

    To ensure your family’s safety and the longevity of your furnace, skip the DIY frustration, and hire a qualified repair team in your area.

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    Benefits of Professional Furnace Repair

    A fully functioning furnace goes a long way in the Delaware Valley. When you schedule repairs with Dream Team Home Services, you’ll see immediate benefits to your quality of life and financial security.

    Starting up your repaired furnace will produce the heat your family needs to stay cozy all winter long. You’ll be more comfortable every day, and you’ll have the peace of mind knowing that your furnace will make it through the winter without costing you any more money or leaving you in the cold. Plus, repairs will increase your furnace’s lifespan, helping you make the most of your purchase.

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    In addition, your furnace’s increased efficiency will decrease your energy bill, saving you money every month, and helping minimize your home’s environmental footprint. Above all, you’ll have the confidence that your home is safe and free of contaminants or harmful chemicals.

    Why Choose Dream Team Home Services for Furnace Repair Services?

    Dream Team Home Services is your go-to source for home furnace repair in and around Delaware County and Montgomery County. We’re a locally owned business committed to providing our community with the best services that ensure their furnaces function with maximum efficiency all winter long. With offices in Havertown, Media, and Newtown Square, PA, our repair team will be there for you when you need us most. If you need immediate help, call us for 24/7 emergency service at (484) 443-2881.

    Trust Dream Team Home Services for affordable, upfront rates on furnace repairs. For priority service, reduced fees, and many other advantages, become a Dream Team Home Services VIP member starting at $18.99 per month or $239.99 annually.

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