When it comes to exceptional service and value, you can depend on us for your heating installation in Media, PA. We offer heating replacement and installation that puts your comfort, budget, and personal requirements first. Whether you’re looking for a furnace or a heat pump, we carry some of the best systems on the market today. We’ll size up your home and your needs and recommend the perfect system to suit you. We’ll then provide you with a cost-effective estimate to consider without any pressure at any time. We’re always here to answer any questions you may have but we’re never pushy. Our insured and licensed heating technicians will give you the best advice at all times together with an honest price.

    First For Heating Installation in Media

    From clunking and banging to thumping and pumping, your heating system may be showing signs it needs replacement through the noises it’s making. Or maybe you’ve noticed a spike in your heating bills. At Dream Team Home Services, we offer heating installation in Media that will take care of these problems and restore your heating and energy bills to where they should be. Once you’ve decided on your new system, we’ll arrange a heating replacement to the very highest standard. All the while, we’ll ensure you are happy with our services and the progress we are making. We have some of the best systems in our range, systems that will give you many years of dependable and efficient performance.

    Here are some of the signs that you might need heating replacement:
    • Frequent repairs
    • Taking a long time to heat
    • Energy bills increasing
    • Indoor air quality getting worse

    Your Experts in Heating Replacement

    When it comes to heating installation services, we top the lot. With our Irish charm and friendly approach, we’ll ensure you are happy with your installation and the work we carry out. We want you to get the best out of your system from the moment it’s switched on. We recommend that you call us the moment you think you might need a heating replacement. We get incredibly busy, especially towards the start of winter so the sooner you book in with us the sooner you can look forward to high levels of comfort and lower bills. We can’t wait to tell you more about our systems and get you on the road to a beautifully heated home.

    For heating installation in Media that goes above and beyond to make you happy, speak to the team here at Dream Team Home Services. We’re here to give you the best service at all times no matter what your requirements are.

    Signs That It’s Time to Consider Heater Replacement

    When you work with Dream Team Home Services, we’ll help you decide when to consider a replacement instead of repairing your heating unit. There are a few questions to ask that will signal when it’s time to replace your heater:

    Some heaters like furnaces start losing efficiency after a single year. But if you’ve had your heater for upwards of 10 years or more and its performance declines, you should invest in a replacement.

    Your heater may be working harder than usual to produce the same output. A replacement heater will cut costs in the long run.

    If so, your heater may be malfunctioning and causing clogs and dirt buildup. As it pushes heat through your HVAC pipes, it will also send dust particles into your home — yuck!

    A heating unit on its last leg will have difficulty distributing heat evenly around your home.

    If your system is running louder than usual or making odd pops, click or hisses, it may be time for a replacement.

    Frequent repairs aren’t worth the hassle. It’s time to find a replacement!

    If you notice any other abnormalities, contact Dream Team Home Services‘ friendly customer service team. We’ll help you troubleshoot the problem and send out a crew for a replacement if necessary.

    Reasons to Replace Your Heater

    There are plenty of reasons to consider installing a replacement heater in your Delaware Valley home. Of course, if your heater breaks beyond sensible repair, it’s time for a replacement. But there are other reasons to upgrade your home’s heating system, and Dream Team Home Services will make it happen at an affordable price.

    To start, a new heater will save you money down the road. If your old heater is inefficient, it will cost you more every month on your energy bill. Faulty gas and electric units will cause your rates to spike, but with a replacement heater, you’ll heat your home and feel less hot around the collar when your bill comes in. What’s more, increased efficiency means less environmental impact.

    Technician installing a new furnace

    Above all, a heating unit replacement will make you feel more comfortable in your home. You will stay warm all winter long and have the reassurance that your heating system is fully functional and will be for the foreseeable future. Achieve peace of mind knowing your new heater will work when you need it. Plus, Dream Team Home Services is only a phone call away if you notice a problem!

    About Our Heater Replacement Process

    Dream Team Home Services makes heater replacement easy! When you schedule a replacement appointment with us over the phone or on our site, we’ll start by evaluating your current unit to see if a repair will do the trick. If a replacement is in order, we’ve got you covered with same-day service and next-day installation. If you need help fast, we offer 24/7 emergency service — just call us at (484) 443-2881. To start your replacement process, schedule an appointment online today!

    Why Dream Team Home Services?

    If you’re a resident of Delaware County or the greater Philadelphia area, there’s no shortage of reasons to work with Dream Team Home Services. We’re a locally owned business with offices in Havertown, Media, and Newtown Square, and we’re committed to providing our friends and neighbors with dependable heating solutions. We offer same-day service and next-day installation for your replacement heater as well as 24/7 emergency services — we’ll never leave you out in the cold!

    Dream Team employees

    From top to bottom, the Dream Team Home Services crew is one you can trust. Our friendly technicians are certified experts who are carefully vetted and drug-tested to ensure your safety and comfort. Back at the office, our incredible customer service team is always ready to get you the HVAC products and services you need. Enjoy our upfront pricing, plus join our VIP program for priority service. Work with Dream Team Home Services for reliable heater replacement services.

    Our Service Areas

    Dream Team Home Services is a locally owned and operated business serving homeowners all around Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley. With locations in both Media, Havertown, and Newtown Square, our crew of friendly technicians is just down the road. If you have a heating problem, the area’s most dependable repair team will be over fast.

    Contact Dream Team Home Services for Heating System Replacement Today

    Stay warm all winter long with a heater replacement team you can trust. Dream Team Home Services is the heater replacement expert in the Delaware Valley, providing fast and effective service every time. For more on how to keep your home warm this winter, read our winter tips for homeowners or schedule an appointment today!

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