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    During an indoor air quality analysis, our technicians at Dream Team Home Services will evaluate your specific indoor air needs. They’ll evaluate what you already have in place and its effectiveness. Then provide solutions to cut back on the dust, and attack viruses, allergens, and bacteria.

    Our Breathe Easy Solutions target air quality problems in your home’s system. Our indoor air quality (IAQ) solutions purify the air in your home using environmentally-friendly technology.

    What is Indoor Air Quality?

    Open doors and windows let in the fresh air in that can invite allergens inside, but keeping windows closed can make for stale air inside.

    Too much moisture and humidity encourage mold and dust mites, but not enough can lead to sore throats, dry skin, and sinus issues.

    So, how do you stabilize your air quality? Let’s take a look at what indoor air quality is first.

    According to the United States EPA, Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) refers to the air quality within or around buildings, structures, and homes, and how it relates to the health and comfort of the occupants.

    Basically…bad air quality in your home or office isn’t good for your long-term health.

    Indoor Air Quality

    Our Breathe Easy Solution

    Your family’s health is important. The quality of air inside your home should be too.

    Our’s Breathe Easy Solution targets air quality problems in your home’s system and safely purifies the air in your home using unique, environmentally-friendly technology.


    Removes large symptom-causing dust, pollen, mold, & dander.

    Uses next-gen technologies to neutralize indoor air pollutants such as odors, VOCs, & bacteria.

    Sterilizes your HVAC system & reduces biological contaminants at the source.