Sewer Repair and Replacement

Problems with your sewer system are never fun to deal with as a homeowner. These issues can create a foul smell and a messy cleanup. Plus, repair or replacement can prove costly since most homeowners' insurance policies don't cover sewer line damage. If you want your system to function properly for years, any sewer system issues need to be addressed right away and fixed.

The experts at Dream Team Plumbing have years of experience with home sewer drain replacement and repairs in the Delaware Valley. We understand that problems with your sewer system are concerning, so we'll work quickly to identify the cause and make the necessary repair or replacement. You can count on us to deliver functional, clean, and safe sewer drains and lines.

Signs a Sewer Repair Is Needed

Your home’s sewer system is one of those systems you’ll never think about until something goes wrong. It’s not flashy, and you’re not going to show it off to your friends and neighbors. Why would you? However, your sewer system needs to stay in top shape to prevent the problems that call for repairs and replacements. Your sewer system can become damaged from:

  • Root intrusion: As a tree grows, it is drawn to water sources, including the liquid waste in sewer lines. The roots can wrap around and break into the pipes, which can clog, weaken and damage the sewer system.
  • Corroded pipes: Though sewer pipes can last a long time, magnesium and calcium buildup from general use can take their toll. Corrosion can cause leaks and cracks in the pipe.
  • Old pipes: Pipes made with steel, cast iron, PVC or clay, and cement last up to 100 years, and Orangeburg pipes last around 50 years. If your sewer lines have overextended their lifespan, they'll be more prone to damage.
  • Extreme temperatures: When ice expands, it can cause frozen pipes to burst. Pipes are also put under stress in excessive heat.
  • Inadequate maintenance: If your sewer lines haven't been maintained regularly — or were never installed properly in the first place — you don't know what could be lurking in your system, ready to cause a major problem.
  • Foreign debris: If your sewage lines have anything other than human waste and toilet paper in them, that's a problem. Other materials, like paper towels, wrappers, cooking oil and grease, cannot disintegrate, so they'll build up and cause blockages.
  • Ground movement: If nearby heavy construction projects cause the ground to move, it could upset your sewer pipes.
  • Improper pipe installation: A sewer system that is incorrectly installed is likely to have leaking joints and cracked pipes.
  • Backup from the city's sewer line: A problem with the city's sewer system could cause issues with the sewer lines on your property.

When something goes wrong with your sewer system, you’ll know it. Actually, you’ll smell it. The sour smell of a sewer backup is never fun for homeowners. If you’re noticing it, it is a sure sign that you need a sewer repair or possible sewer replacement.

Some signs you need a sewer line repair are:

  • Your toilet is not flushing properly.
  • Your toilet is giving off a foul odor.
  • Water bubbles are forming in your toilet bowl.
  • There is an unpleasant odor or flooding in your yard.
  • Specific areas of your yard have grass that is more green and lush than the rest.
  • There are constant flushing noises in the pipe.
  • Many drains in your house are slow.
  • Your drains regularly back up.
  • There are signs of water damage in your home, such as mold on the floors, ceiling and walls.

If you notice any of these issues, call Dream Team Plumbing right away. Regularly scheduled maintenance services and inspections from our plumbers can help prevent the need for sewer repair.

Sewer Repairs — A Quick Solution

When you contact Dream Team Plumbing about a potential plumbing sewer repair need, our technicians will find the source through a sewer drain camera inspection. Our drain and sewage professionals are trained and equipped to address the following plumbing problems:

  • Broken pipes: We will find and repair pipes that are cracked, punctured or collapsed by issues such as shifting soil, frozen ground and settling.
  • Sewer blockages: Blockages are often caused by grease buildup or foreign objects restricting or prohibiting proper water flow and/or cleaning of the sewage line. We will locate and clear these blockages so the system can work right again.
  • Corrosion: Corrosion refers to pipes that have deteriorated and/or broken, causing blockages in the line and restricting water flow. We can treat corrosion by repairing the cracks in broken pipes.
  • Bellied pipes: A pipe is considered "bellied" when a section of the pipe has sunk due to ground or soil conditions, creating a valley that collects debris and waste. We will lift the bellied area so the waste freely flows through.
  • Leaking joints: Leaking joints occur when the seals between the pipes have decayed or broken, allowing water to escape into the ground surrounding the pipes. Dream Team will find the leaking joints and repair the seal.
  • Tree roots: Tree or shrub roots can invade the sewer line, causing clogs and preventing normal line cleaning. Our technicians can clear these clogs away.
  • Off-grade pipes: If your sewer system has existing pipes that are constructed of substandard or outdated material, they may have deteriorated or corroded. Our team can assess these pipes and make the necessary repairs.

We make plumbing drain repairs using a specialized method:

  • Pipe bursting: For severely damaged lines, we'll use the pipe bursting method. We'll put a cone-shaped bit into the line to destroy the pipe, then we'll immediately replace it with a new pipe. This technique prevents the need for extensive excavation. There's no need to dig up your beautiful yard.

Sewer line repairs from Dream Team can last up to 50 years or more, so you can be confident that our maintenance will resolve your sewer line issues for a long time. All of our sewer line repairs come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and lifetime guarantee.

Sewer Replacement — A Serious Solution

In our homes, we know the water that comes out must go right down the drain. But, when you see a constant backflow of water creeping back up, things start to get alarming. Furthermore, that sewer drain cleaning service or hydro-jet didn’t fix the backups either.

Now, we’re looking at a problem that goes beyond a stoppage in your sewer drain. Though sewer line repairs handle many sewer system issues, in these cases, a sewer drain replacement may be the best option. A problematic sewer system is not a problem you want to ignore and put off. Ignoring a sewer problem can lead to mold and possibly serious structural damage.

It’s critical to get the proper help from a professional to replace the sewer line and avoid major damage. Replacing a water line (water service) should be handled by an experienced professional plumbing company such as Dream Team Plumbing.

Our team of experienced plumbers offer a specialized method of replacing your sewer line:

  • Trenchless sewer replacement service: We excavate at the main water service connection in the street, pull out the old line and pull in the new line at the same time, which minimizes property damage and saves time and money.

Our experts will execute this method for your residential sewer line replacement needs based on the particular problem you're experiencing.

How to Prevent the Need for Sewer Line Repair

When your sewer system is adequately protected, you can prevent most kinds of damage to your pipes — eliminating the need for repairs and replacements. We have a few tips:

  • Use your sewer system for its intended purpose only. Sewer lines are made to handle only two products — human waste and toilet paper. All other materials need to be disposed of another way. Proper disposal prevents blockages in the pipes.
  • Remove trees that are causing root intrusion. If there is a tree on your property that is growing into your sewer lines, it's best to remove the tree. If it's left in place, root intrusion will only worsen and cause more problems later on.
  • Get sewer inspections yearly: Contact the technicians at Dream Team Plumbing at least once a year for a thorough sewer drain inspection and a sewer drain cleaning. We'll insert a camera into your pipes to check for blockages and corrosion. Our examinations will give you peace of mind that your sewage system is working properly.

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To sum this all up — when it comes time for a professional residential sewer drain replacement or just a simple sewer repair, just call your local expert plumbers at Dream Team. Our plumbers proudly serve Media, PA, Havertown, PA, and the surrounding Philadelphia areas in the Delaware Valley.

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