Leaky Faucet? Get It Repaired Today!

Is Your Faucet Leaking?

Is your faucet leaking? Have you simply ignored it because it still functions and has a slow drip? Believe it or not, a leaking faucet is capable of wasting up to hundreds of gallons of water a month, which will significantly increase your monthly water bill.

If you need a faucet repair in Media, PA, or anywhere in the Delaware Valley Area for dripping, leaking, or broken fixtures, call Dream Team Plumbing. Our repair service is quick and efficient at identifying the cause of your problems and fixing it right away. We'll make sure your faucet works as it should — so you can be confident that your fixtures are drip- and leak-free.

Sink and Faucet Repair and installation

Signs You Need a Faucet Repair

There are many reasons why your faucet may start dripping or leaking, such as:

  • Worn-out parts: A faucet has many small parts that may corrode or wear out over time. Damaged washers, O-rings, valve seats, and seals are often a direct cause of annoying faucet issues.
  • Improperly installed parts: Parts that are not installed right — or are the wrong part altogether — can cause dripping. For example, if the washer is too large or small, the faucet will leak.

You'll know your faucet needs to be fixed if you notice these issues:

  • Unexplainable water meter increase: Not all faucet leaks are obvious. If you haven't used water for several hours, but your water meter increased, indicating water usage, that means you have a leak somewhere.
  • Squeaking handle: When the faucet handle squeaks when turning the water on and off, it means parts in the interior are worn out, and the faucet will eventually become unusable.
  • Dripping and leaking: If your faucet is still spurting water when the handle is all the way off, it's a sign of a leak.
  • Irregular discharge: When your water stream comes out of the spout at an unusual angle and makes sputtering sounds, your faucet is likely damaged.

If you've been unable to find the cause of your plumbing issues or you've made repairs that failed, contact Dream Team Plumbing! We can help.

Plumbing Faucet Repair From Dream Team PA

If it's a faucet, and it needs to be fixed or replaced, Dream Team in the Delaware Valley Area can do it! When you contact us for your faucet repair needs, our technicians will shut off your water and identify the broken parts. Then, we'll replace these parts, put the faucet back together, and test it to make sure it works. Dream Team can repair any faucet in your home, including:

  • Bar sink faucets.
  • Single-lever faucets.
  • Single-lever shower diverters.
  • Two-handle faucets.
  • Three-handle faucets and diverters.
  • Farm sink faucets.
  • Laundry and utility sink faucets.
  • Single, two, three, and four-hole mounting faucets.
  • Imported and specialty faucets.
  • Pot fillers.
  • And more...

Our plumbing technicians can take care of drips, leaks, low water pressure, and other faucet issues.

Kitchen Faucet Repair

Your kitchen faucet may be the most important faucet in your home. Cooking and preparing food for you or your family can be a chore as it is. Without a faucet, it can be downright unsafe, especially if you are dealing with foods such as chicken or seafood.

When you work with Dream Team, we will repair your faulty faucet so your kitchen can get back to feeding you and your family.

Kitchen Faucet Rebuild

In some situations, a kitchen faucet rebuild may be more cost-effective and practical than replacing your entire faucet. Dream Team will evaluate your faucet to provide the best option to repair or rebuild your kitchen faucet.

Bathroom Faucet Repair

Whether you're having problems with your bathroom sink faucet, showerhead, or three-handle shower and tub diverter, Dream Team has the experience necessary to repair your bathroom faucet at a competitive rate. We can repair several types of faucets, including cartridge, ball, disk, and compression faucets.

How to Prevent the Need for Faucet Repair

Most faucets require little maintenance, so it's easy to keep your fixture working correctly for a long time. Clean your faucet daily with a damp cloth and a mild cleanser, then dry it with a soft cloth. Clean the aerator once a year by removing it and cleaning the screen with water or a brush.

Schedule a Faucet Repair in Your Area With Dream Team Plumbing

Dream Team PA is the professional crew to call when you need a plumbing faucet repair. We understand that problems with your faucet can be a nuisance, so our plumbing technicians will work hard to fix any issues you're having right away and give you a functional kitchen or bathroom faucet.

Reduce your water waste and monthly bill by contacting Dream Team to repair your faulty faucet. If you are in our service region of the Delaware Valley Area, contact us today about our faucet repair service. Schedule service online or give us a call to get started.

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