There's Water in my Basement

There’s a good chance you’re reading this because, well… there’s water in your basement. Now you want to know what your options are for fixing this problem and preventing moisture from ever seeping into your basement in the future.

A great solution for your home is a french drain system installation.

Many homeowners think the best way to keep their basement dry is to plug up holes and seal things. There’s some value in these components, but these won’t be the best way to keep your basement dry for a long-time. These are just bandages for a potential bigger problem.

One of the motto's we follow here is - "You can't fight mother nature, but you can steer it."

That's exactly what the installation of a french drain from expert team at Dream Team Plumbing will do for you and your water problem in the basement.

There's water in my basement - french drain installation and repair. French Drain

One of the best ways to keep your basement dry is a French Drain. Theses systems stop groundwater seepage into your basement.


What is a French Drain System?

These drain systems provide an easy passage for water to flow through. Water always flows downhill, and by the easiest route possible. The basic concept behind these drains are a slightly sloped trench filled with gravel and a pipe that diverts water away from your home.

Think of it this way - the French Drain system is a bouncer and your home is the bar. The bouncer (drainage system) keeps the trouble out of the bar (your home).

The trench bottom is usually sloped about 1” inch for every 8’ feet in the direction of water flow.

Depending on your home’s situation, water from the trench can be diverted to the follow:

  • Low-lying area around your property
  • Drainage ditch
  • Dry well
  • Street or roadway

All of these areas seem like a much better option for diverting water rather than it sitting on your basement floor.

French Drains Keep Your Basement Dry

Bottom line - a French Drain Installation is one of the surest ways to keep your basement dry.

When used in a resident’s home, the French drain sits alongside the footings of the foundation, creating space to relieve the pressure created by water (or “wooter”) underground. Rather than gathering on the floor of your basement, the water drains into the pipe and is carried off to a sump pump.

And a reality-check for your DIYers…. installing an interior French drain to cure a wet basement problem is definitely a job for the pros, like Dream Team Plumbing.

Installing a curtain drain for curing soggy, wet areas in your yard may seem similar, but this type of project is NOT a DIY weekend project. If you want it done right and done right the first time, talk to our plumbing experts. We’ll lay out the options for your home and walk you through every step of the installation process.

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