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Carefully monitoring your home's plumbing system is an integral part of ensuring the flow of clean water into your home and dirty water out. There's plenty that homeowners can do to prevent plumbing emergencies from occurring and fix them when they happen, but many problems call for expert assistance from a reliable plumbing maintenance company.

The best way to avoid plumbing issues and tackle them when they arise is to hire a skilled residential plumbing maintenance crew. When disaster strikes, you can trust Dream Team for efficient, affordable plumbing repairs. Our staff of highly trained professionals will conduct home plumbing maintenance when you need it most. We service residential properties of any shape or size, and we're available for 24/7 emergency assistance.

If you need plumbing repairs in a hurry, Dream Team has you covered with a number of essential services.

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Our Plumbing Repair Services

Drain Cleaning

A clogged drain starts as a minor inconvenience. But if you wait too long to fix it, a small backup can lead to broader issues that can put your plumbing system out of commission. When your drain is clogged, call Dream Team for assistance right away. Our skilled technicians will assess the situation and implement a solution to restore your water flow as soon as possible.

Dream Team will clean any household drain. Our drain cleaning services cover all of the following areas:

  • Kitchen drain cleaning: Your kitchen sink sees a lot of use, and plenty of different hazards try to find their way down that drain. The buildup of cooking grease, food particles, soap, and oils can cause a stubborn clog. Dream Team will come in for a speedy fix to put your kitchen sink back in working order.
  • Bathroom drain cleaning:  Bathroom drains are bound to build up soap residue, hair, and even odd toiletries. When your bathroom drains clog, our specialists will free up your pipelines so life can go back to normal again.
  • Other household drains: Dream Team's plumbers are ready for any clogged drain. Call us in to clean out your washer and laundry sink, outdoor and floor drains, or any other sink backup around your residential property.

Faucet Repair

Leaky faucets waste a lot of water from day to day, resulting in an unnecessarily high water bill. Nip the problem in the bud by contacting Dream Team for our faucet repair service. We'll service any faucet inside or outside of your household. We'll work on:

  • Kitchen faucets: When it comes to ensuring your family's health and well-being, the kitchen faucet is the most important in the house. It's the most frequently used, and it's vital for keeping clean when cooking raw chicken or seafood. If you notice a problem, Dream Team will evaluate the issue and provide cost-effective services to fix your leaking kitchen faucet.
  • Bathroom faucets: Bathroom plumbing systems experience heavy use, and they'll occasionally start to act up. If your bathroom sink faucet, showerhead, or handles spring a leak, Dream Team has the expertise to assess the situation and make an efficient repair.
  • Other residential faucets: No matter the faucet, Dream Team is prepared to provide plumbing services to fix any residential drip, leak, or deluge in your Delaware Valley home.

Sewer Repair

It's easy to put our sewer lines out of mind until something goes wrong. When there's a problem with your septic system, you'll know. When you notice your toilets bubble up, won't flush properly, or give off a foul odor, you'll know it's time for professional help.

For Delaware Valley homeowners, Dream Team is the best source for affordable and efficient sewer repairs. Our highly trained professionals are ready to pinpoint and address many of the most common sewage problems:

  • Sewer blockages: Foreign objects or grease buildup may be inhibiting your water flow.
  • Broken pipes: Pipes can get backed up if they're cracked, collapsed, or punctured by frozen ground, shifting soil, or other issues.
  • Bellied pipes: Certain ground conditions can cause a section of a pipe to sink and collect debris.
  • Corrosion: Pipes may deteriorate or break over time.
  • Off-grade pipes: Pipes created with outdated or substandard material are particularly likely to break or corrode.
  • Leaking joints: Broken seals between pipes allow water to leak into the ground and surrounding pipes.
  • Tree roots: Trees or shrubs can invade the sewer line and prevent normal flow.

Toilet Repair

Having a leaky toilet is a quick way to cause a spike in your monthly water bill. In the most extreme cases, a toilet leak can waste upwards of 90 gallons in a single day. When you need a repair, Dream Team's expert plumbing technicians can step in to fix the issue at an affordable price. We'll diagnose the problem and provide toilet rebuild services to get it back in working order and keep it running smoothly down the road.

Dream Team's toilet repair services include:

  • Fill-valve replacement.
  • Flush-valve repalcement.
  • Replacing brass bolts, gaskets, & associated parts.
  • New handle installation.
  • New tank-to-bowl gasket installation.
  • New water-saving flapper installation.

Water Heater Repair

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Over time, you may find that your shower just isn't as hot as it used to be, or maybe your dishwasher isn't providing its usual stellar results. A faulty water heater could be the culprit. It's a good idea to periodically flush out your water heater and test its pressure-release valve. That's where Dream Team comes in.

Our local plumbing experts will service your tankless or tank-storage heating unit to have it operating good-as-new in no time. A fully functional water heater will make you feel more comfortable at home and save you money on utility bills month after month.

Fast, Reliable Plumbing Repair Services in Delaware County

Homeowners in Media, Havertown, Newtown Square, and the rest of the Delaware Valley trust Dream Team for plumbing repairs. Our crew of highly skilled plumbing technicians can provide affordable same-day services and next-day installations for any plumbing issue.

If you need emergency service, give us a call at 484-352-2242 or schedule a maintenance appointment online today!

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