At Dream Team Home Services, we specialize in sump pumps in Media, PA, helping our customers avoid flooding and water damage to their basements. If you’ve been considering sump pump installation, let our team help you protect your home and keep water out and humidity levels down. We offer a range of sump pumps, each offering peace of mind and protection from groundwater and excess rainwater.

Whether you’ve experienced flooding in your home before or you’re just taking precautionary measures before something happens, we can help. Sump pumps can also help to control excess humidity, which can, in turn, cause mold mildew and damage to wooden frames and furniture. Once installed, your sump pump will stand guard, ready to pump away any rogue water before it can cause a problem. Speak to our professional plumbers today to find out more about our systems and the peace of mind they can bring. We can help with the installation of sump pump systems and also with replacement, repair, and maintenance.