Toilet Repair and Installation

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After submitting my request on the website, I received a quick response to set up an appointment to have a few light fixtures and outlets replaced. Nick was prompt & courteous and did a great job. A completely painless experience from start to more
Kevin Scott
Kevin Scott
17:22 25 Oct 18
We are thrilled with the exceptional work provided by Mike from Dream Team. The job included the installation of 3 new ceiling fans, a light fixture, and a few switch upgrades. He also reviewed our panels and how to bring our fire and carbon monoxide detectors up to safety code, which was a nice bonus. We will definitely be using Dream Team for all future electrical needs. Thank you for everything!read more
Chris Maguire
Chris Maguire
12:13 18 Oct 18
Thorough, efficient and tidy professional service. Excellent literate explanations and answers. The kind of professional service persons you want in your more
David A Franklin
David A Franklin
16:52 10 Oct 18
Blake spent several hours at my house today. He fixed my problem, and gave me advice on some future issues. He was nice, clean, very easy to talk to. He helped me understand some electrical things! Very good experience, would use them again in a minute!read more
Victoria Gansner
Victoria Gansner
20:34 29 Nov 18
Mike exceeded my expectations. In addition to being very prompt and courteous, he worked efficiently and was thorough in diagnosing the problem. I have had three other electricians look at the problem without being able to determine the cause--I am well on the way to having this fixed for good now because of Mike!read more
Kevin Botbyl
Kevin Botbyl
18:06 09 Nov 18
Had a PECO power surge destroy two of our three electrical panels and who knows what else unfortunately. . The Dream Team responded to my wife’s call for assistance. And delivered then, helped her get some power back and then within two days as promised installed two new panels. A superior customer service experience. Kudos to our installer Mike V. for a spectacular install. Thank more
Nicholas Martino
Nicholas Martino
21:55 22 Feb 19
Jack F and Jack M were great. Jack M (Electrician) had a larger scope of duties on our particular service visit and did a nice job explaining any questions I more
Christian Kacala
Christian Kacala
15:30 09 Jan 19

Fast Toilet Repair and Replacement

A faulty toilet can cause your wallet to leak. Dream Team to the rescue!

What’s more wasteful and expensive than a faucet leak?

That’s right, a toilet leak!

A severe toilet leak can waste up to 90 gallons of water a day! Crazy, right? Well not so much, because toilet leaks are very common and often go unnoticed for long periods of time.

Dream Team will evaluate your toilet and make a recommendation to either repair or replace it depending on your needs.

Toilet Rebuild

More often than not, any issues you experience with your toilet are typically due to some sort of faulty part of mechanism.

Your toilet may still be in great condition, but the functioning parts are not. In this scenario, a toilet rebuild from the experts at Dream Team may be exactly what you need.

Why replace your toilet when you can rebuild it for a fraction of the cost?

Dream Team’s friendly technicians will explain exactly what you require and inform you of how to maintain your fixture to keep it running smoothly in the future.

Dream Team’s toilet rebuild service includes:

  • Replacement of the toilet fill valve
  • Replacement of the toilet flush valve
  • Install new water saving flapper
  • Install new tank to bowl gasket
  • Install new toilet handle
  • Replace all brass bolts and associated parts and gaskets

Toilet Replacement

Have you had enough of your current toilet and simply want it replaced?

No problem!

Dream Team’s technicians will provide you with toilet fixture catalog’s from today’s leading plumbing fixture manufacturers so you can choose exactly what you’d like to replace your current toilet with.

Toilet Flange Repair & Replacement

Does using your toilet feel like you are riding a rollercoaster?

We’ve all been there. Over time, subtle leaks and overall wear and tear on your toilet flange can cause your toilet bolts and toilet flange to become corroded and loose.

In more extreme situations, the sub-floor beneath your flange can become water logged and rotted, which requires replacement of the sub-floor area.

In this situation, you need to experts at Dream Team to evaluate the area beneath your toilet to determine if you need to replace or reinforce your flange. Our technicians will explain exactly what caused the damage, and provide you insight on how to repair or replace the damaged area.