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Sewer Video Camera Inspection

Identify Your Backups with a Sewer Drain Camera Inspection

Clogged drains are inevitable. No matter whether you live in Media, Drexel Hill, along the Main Line, or out in West Chester - you’re bound to have clogged drains at your home.

When that day comes, you’re going to need to identify what’s causing the clogged drain. It’s not enough to know that your drain is clogged. You also need to know where the clog is, and in addition, what type of material the clog consists of.

A sewer drain camera inspection from Dream Team Plumbing should be at the top of your to-do list when experiencing constant backups.

A camera inspection will help determine how to go about flushing your plumbing system. In addition, a solid video inspection will uncover any cracks or high-risk separations in your plumbing that could cause additional issues.

Sewer Video Inspection

Water flowing into your house must also flow out of your house. 

On the other hand, there are multiple reasons that can stop the flow of water out of your house such as the following:

  • Some household material or matter you flushed down your toilet
  • Tree roots growing through your existing sewer line looking for water
  • A collapsed sewer line.

It is important to be able to see what caused the clogged drain issue. This allows our plumbers to recommend a solution that will not just fix it for today but will keep it flowing for years to come. 

With a camera inspection from Dream Team, you can be certain that any issues in your home’s pipes will be found quickly and dealt with accordingly. We’ll video-inspect your plumbing lines, show you the problem, and even provide you with the footage so you can actually see it for yourself.

The specially-designed waterproof plumbing cameras our plumbers use to allow them to conduct a visual inspection. These inspections are conducted on your sewer lines and other underground pipes, including pipes under patios, driveways and also under your home’s foundation.

How an Inspection Works

Your sewer camera inspection begins with a Dream Team professionally trained and skilled plumbing technician. The tech inserts the camera with a high-resolution video head into your sewer lines. These drain cameras are flexible, allowing them to travel through bends and turn in sewer lines.

The technician will thoroughly examine your drain pipes and pipe walls in drain lines from 2 inches to 36 inches in diameter.

The video footage captured is transmitted to the technician in real-time, so the condition inside your sewer and drain lines can be assessed immediately. You’ll be able to view any problems right on a monitor. We’ll even provide a copy of the camera video inspection to keep for your records. Pretty neat.

Do you need a camera inspection? For a sewer line video inspection and other plumbing services, contact our experts today.

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