You may not give much thought to your sewer main line until it presents a problem. Clogs are a common but annoying nuisance in sewer systems. They can slow draining or stop it completely and damage your sewer system.

    If the clog is in the sewer line on your property, it’s your responsibility to clean it out. Sometimes you can dislodge the blockage yourself. In most cases, you will have to call a plumber or a drain cleaner.

    If you need sewer cleaning in Delaware County or around the Greater Philadelphia Area, call the experts at Dream Team Home Services. Our technicians are expertly trained in clearing blockages from sewer main lines, and we’ll make sure your system is clean in no time. All you have to do is call!

    Signs You Need Your Drain Cleaned

    You can monitor the drains in your bathtubs, toilets, and sinks to identify a sewer line clog. You’ll know you need sewer cleaning if your home has:

    There could be a blockage in your drain so large that it’s preventing proper flushing.

    Drains that are slow to empty may have a clog blocking most of the sewer pipe.

    Bubbling water is a sign of abnormal suction from negative air pressure caused by a clog that is preventing proper airflow.

    The gurgling sound you may hear near your drains is typically caused by a clog that prevents air from reaching the plumbing vent.

    If there is an unpleasant smell in your home, your sewer line may be clogged.

    When you contact the sewer main experts at Dream Team Home Services about sewer line cleaning, we’ll assess the situation with a proper sewer camera inspection. What we find in your system during this examination will determine whether your sewer system needs a thorough cleaning or something else, like a line repair or replacement.

    Where to Access the Sewer Main Drain

    The sewer main drain is where all the household drains meet. From this point, the wastewater is carried to the septic system or municipal sewer. Since the main drain is not visible, clogs in this part of the plumbing are unplugged through the main clean-out fitting. Clean-out access points are pipes 3, 4, or 6 inches in diameter with a threaded plug that can be unscrewed. These pipes are often set on a concrete slab near the foundation walls, or outside of your home, maybe in your driveway or on your front lawn.

    Drain clearing services

    Whether you have a clean-out or no access point determines how easy it will be to perform sewer line cleaning yourself. If you don’t have a clean-out or cannot dislodge the clog yourself, you’ll want to call a professional to clear it for you.

    Our Fast, Effective Sewer Line Cleaning Methods

    Dream Team Home Services has the specialized equipment required to locate and remove the clogs in your sewer lines. Our cleaning methods include electric drain cleaning and hydro-jet cleaning. We’ll try electric drain cleaning first, then turn to hydro-jet cleaning if it’s necessary.

    Electric Drain Cleaning

    Our specialized cleaners, called plumber’s snakes, use a powerful electric motor to drive a cable into the pipe. As the cable goes further in, it twists clockwise to clean the entire inside of the pipe. There are different blade attachments for the head to tackle different types of clogs. Our cable lengths range from 100 to 200 feet so we can reach the clog wherever it is. Electric drain cleaners are the first choice for soft or hard obstructions from the main sewer drain to the lateral piping.

    The main benefit of our plumber’s snake is its ability to clean a lot of drain length at a time, clearing away solid clogs. The cable is flexible enough to navigate bends in the pipe without damage. At every turn, the electric drain cleaner works effectively.

    Hydro-Jet Cleaning

    Our hydro-jet shoots out high-pressure water to scour and clean the sewer drain. The water jet is powerful enough to clear hardened scale, root intrusion, sludge, debris, and grease buildup. Its strength comes from its 3,000 pound-force per square inch (PSI) rating.

    There are many advantages to cleaning your sewer main line with our hydro-jet. It is cost-effective, works well, and is safe for the environment. Since the spray is omnidirectional, every area of the pipe interior will be cleaned, removing scale accumulation that would eventually turn into a new clog.

    If you want the “real deal” drain cleaning, this method solves it all!

    How to Prevent Clogs in Your Sewer System

    There are some causes of sewer drain clogs that are not preventable, including collapsed pipes and root intrusion.

    However, there are a few things you can do to make sewer cleaning much easier:
    • Only flush human waste and toilet paper in the toilet. Paper towels, wrappers, bandages and tissues are not designed to be flushed, so they will not disintegrate. Solid objects can get lodged in the piping and prevent proper flushing.
    • Be mindful of what goes down the kitchen sink. Food, cooking oil, coffee grounds and grease can create sewer clogs because they cannot be disposed of through pipes.
    • Get sewer drain cleaning service regularly. You can prevent major problems by having our team clean your pipes regularly before issues arise. We recommend having a sewer drain cleaning service at least once a year.
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