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Dream Team Offers Water Line Replacement from the Main Water Source to the Interior of Your Home.

Water & Sewer Line Replacement

Replacing a water line (water service) should be handled by an experienced professional plumbing company. Dream Team offers a few different methods of replacing your line including:

  1. Conventional trenching from the street to your house. This requires invasion excavating and trenching, excavating around other utilities, etc.

  2. Trenchless water service replacement, which minimizes property damage. We excavate at the main water service connection in the street, pull out the old line and pull in the new line at the same time.

How Do I Know If I Need a New Water Service Line?

Below are some obvious signs you may need a new water service line:

  • Your water pressure isn’t as strong as it used to be
  • You have higher water bills compared to previous months or years
  • Water suddenly appears in your yard or around your foundation and it isn’t raining
  • Your pipes have recently frozen

There are many reasons you might have damage to your water line, but if you call Dream Team as soon as you recognize you have a problem, we will do everything we can to minimize damage to your home.

It is always a good idea to have the expert plumbing technicians at Dream Team inspect your plumbing system with routine maintenance. Call us any time to set up an appointment.