“Trenchless” refers to a non-invasive underground pipe repair service that reduces property damage associated with traditional sewer replacement techniques. Trenchless pipe repairs significantly reduce the cost of traditional replacement, and greatly improve the turnaround time of the repair.

    If you are experiencing constant sewer backups over an extended period of time, contact the experts at Dream Team Home Services today for a sewer line inspection and consultation.

    Trenchless Sewer Pipe Repairs Minimize Property Damage

    In the past, installing or replacing a damaged or outdated sewer pipe or sewer line was a huge project that involved digging up or around driveways, patios, hardscaping, lawns, flower beds, trees, irrigation lines, landscape lights and ore. It may have also required digging around utilities such as cable, electric, gas and water services. These are just some of the hazards you may have encountered using conventional excavation techniques.

    We now have what is commonly referred to as trenchless pipe replacement or No Dig technology. This new method requires us to excavate one hole at the street where the sewer line from your house enters the main sewer line. We then use the existing pipe to pull a new steel wire through and use a trenchless pipe bursting head to pull the new line in as the pipe bursting head breaks the old pipe out of the way. This process leaves most of your outdoor area untouched.
    Trenchless sewer line

    Advantages of Trenchless Pipe Replacement Are:

    • Faster installation (less time you’ll be without the plumbing facilities you use every day)
    • Less labor and equipment means the project is less expensive which saves you money
    • Less cleanup after completion
    • We will not have to dig up your garden, driveway, patios, etc.
    • Safer installation