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Your Home Deserves The Dream Team

Your home……it’s the beginning and ending destination of your day. The place your family lives and grows together. It shelters you from storms and provides security and comfort to the ones you love. Your home is much more than a house.

When the parts of the house breakdown it affects your home. Dripping faucets are an inconvenience. Hot air in the summer and cold air in the winter are never fun. And faulty electrical wiring is just plain dangerous.

A Dream Team for your home is superior knowledge and service. A Dream Team for your home is on time, every time, or the service call is free. A Dream Team for your home is trusted, reliable, and professional.When you hire Dream Team to fix your house, we understand you’re inviting us into your home. That’s an honor and privilege we take seriously.

Dream Team Customer Reviews

Kevin Scott
17:22 25 Oct 18
After submitting my request on the website, I received a quick response to set up an appointment to have a few light fixtures and outlets replaced. Nick was prompt & courteous and did a great job. A completely painless experience from start to finish.
Chris Maguire
12:13 18 Oct 18
We are thrilled with the exceptional work provided by Mike from Dream Team. The job included the installation of 3 new ceiling fans, a light fixture, and a few switch upgrades. He also reviewed our panels and how to bring our fire and carbon monoxide detectors up to safety code, which was a nice bonus. We will definitely be using Dream Team for all future electrical needs. Thank you for everything!
David A Franklin
16:52 10 Oct 18
Thorough, efficient and tidy professional service. Excellent literate explanations and answers. The kind of professional service persons you want in your home.
Victoria Gansner
20:34 29 Nov 18
Blake spent several hours at my house today. He fixed my problem, and gave me advice on some future issues. He was nice, clean, very easy to talk to. He helped me understand some electrical things! Very good experience, would use them again in a minute!
Kevin Botbyl
18:06 09 Nov 18
Mike exceeded my expectations. In addition to being very prompt and courteous, he worked efficiently and was thorough in diagnosing the problem. I have had three other electricians look at the problem without being able to determine the cause--I am well on the way to having this fixed for good now because of Mike!
Nicholas Martino
21:55 22 Feb 19
Had a PECO power surge destroy two of our three electrical panels and who knows what else unfortunately. . The Dream Team responded to my wife’s call for assistance. And delivered then, helped her get some power back and then within two days as promised installed two new panels. A superior customer service experience. Kudos to our installer Mike V. for a spectacular install. Thank you.
Christian Kacala
15:30 09 Jan 19
Jack F and Jack M were great. Jack M (Electrician) had a larger scope of duties on our particular service visit and did a nice job explaining any questions I had.
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The Dream Team Difference

  • Same Day Service - Next Day Installation100%

  • No Surprise Pricing - Up Front Price Transparency100%

  • Highly Trained Technicians100%

  • Industry Leading Warranty100%

  • Locally Owned & Operated100%

  • Customer Service Your Mom Would Be Proud Of100%

  • 24/7 Emergency Service100%

Dream Team Services


Water comes into the house and then it goes back out. On a good day you won’t even think about it. On a bad day, you call your Dream Team.

We Service & Repair:

Drainage Backups

Broken Toilets

Leaking Faucets

Faucet, Toilet, Drain, and General Plumbing Installations

Trenchless Sewer Repair & Replacement

Sump Pump Servicing

Routine Plumbing Maintenance


Your home relies on power, whether it’s to light up the night, refrigerate food, control the air temperature, or blow dry your hair in the morning. Electrical issues are a huge inconvenience and potentially dangerous. Dream Team To The Rescue!

We Service & Repair:

Electrical Service & Repair

Electrical Panel Service

Electrical Wiring

Home Appliances

Landscape Lighting

Knob & Tube Wire Replacement

Faulty Electrical Components

And more……


Pennsylvania winters can brutally cold. When that arctic wind blows through it will test not only your willpower, but your sanity. Nothing beats coming out of the cold into the warm comfort of your home. It’s dreamy!

We Service & Repair:

Heater Tune-Ups

Heater Repairs

Heater & Furnace Replacement

Annual Heating System Maintenance

Carbon Dioxide Detection

Humidification & Filtration System Installation

Electric to Gas Furnace Conversions

Residential Heat Pump Repair & Installation

And More…..

Air Conditioning

We rely on our lungs for survival. Your home relies on air handling to exchange the good for the bad and to maintain the proper temperature…..day and night. Sweet dreams.

We Service & Repair:

Air Conditioner Tune-Ups

Air Conditioner Service & Repair

Air Conditioner Replacement & Installation

Annual Air Conditioning System Maintenance

And more…..

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